The New Adventure Begins

It's starting to look like a real room!

My official retirement began about three weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to think about it. Nothing feels different to me yet, since being out of school for summer is part of the natural rhythm of many years.
I hadn’t planned that the last article in Harleywoman Writes would be the one I wrote on the last day in my classroom, but once it was written and posted, it became clear that just as the school year was over, the blog was done, too.

And all the boxes and boxes of stuff I brought home from school at the end have been piled into every nook and cranny that I could find – way too many for our tiny home, and so “The Office Project” had to commence. The idea to winterize our unused front porch and convert it into an office area for me was born about three years ago, and my husband immediately installed five brand new energy efficient windows, but then the project stopped. In his defense, I knew that there were some major construction problems that he was trying to solve, and it took us this long to figure out the solutions. And we did figure it out, so as soon as I was done with school we started to work . . . and work . . . and work some more. I won’t go into all the details, but many of you, dear readers, know by the time you’ve done a few, that home projects always take much longer than planned and are much harder than predicted. And so it goes.

But we’re really getting there! Insulation and beadboard walls are up, paint is going on, and it’s really starting to look like a room.

And that’s about all I’ve managed to do in the last three weeks! Starting this new blog has even been tough, fitting in an hour here and there. And we’re supposed to be leaving for our summer/fall journey West in about a week! I think there will have to be some flexibility in our plans somewhere. I promise to keep you posted – this blog will be a travelogue of sorts as we travel, with lots of photos and stories to come. For now, I’m dividing my time painting, trying to organize all the stuff that will go on the shelves, and using spare minutes to keep the weeds from taking over the flower gardens. I hope you won’t give up on me — because I will write again!


7 thoughts on “The New Adventure Begins

  1. Enjoy your journey and all the wonderful places it brings you. This is now the second phase of your life take in every moment, every second every smile. you have now just dropped the pebble into the pond:-)

  2. I think you forgot to mention that every project is also more expensive than originally planned. Truly been there and done that. What a wonderful space it will be.

  3. That’s for sure! Yikes — It’s a good thing we didn’t know before we started ’cause we might not have started! But it’s already really good space and I already love it.

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