In August 2010 I started Harleywoman Writes: Celebrating and savoring the last year of teaching, and I am grateful for the many readers who followed my posts through that school year as I wrote and prepared myself for retirement. On the last day, I sat in my empty classroom and wrote the last entry, not realizing until later that it truly needed to be the last entry of Harleywoman Writes.

But Harleywoman has not finished writing, and this blog shall represent the transformation into a new life. I hope that you will follow my adventures and discoveries as I explore the newness of retirement in Harleywoman Writes Again!

You may be wondering about the different header photos; there are five of them. Photography is one of my hobbies and I took the photos in various locations. The daylily photos are from my own garden in New Hampshire. The grass photo was taken in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 2004. The grazing buffalo was taken at Custer State Park in South Dakota in 2010. The mountain photo has a weird sky because I created it by merging together several individual photos; it was taken in 2005 near Denali National Park in Alaska; we were fortunate to be there when “The Mountain” wasn’t hidden by dense cloud cover.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. My favorite poem out of your collection is “On Being Thirteen”. Erin liked it as well. Best lines: “Tomorrow . . . off balance” from “Missing Steve”. Well done!

  2. Hi,

    I’m conducting a brief survey of people who have used Blurb to publish their works before I settle on Blurb as a bookmaker and publisher. Would you recommend them and how many book have you sold through Blurb? Would you use them again?

    Thank you so much,
    Franklin Miller, M.S.

    • Blurb is wonderful. Using the BookSmart software is easy, their help sections are truly helpful, and when they ship books, I ALWAYS receive them way sooner than they promise them for.

      I have uploaded two books but keep one private, just for personal use. One other book I have made public and sold. I definitely will use them again — in fact I presented a workshop today to a group of educators, and it was all about using Blurb.

  3. Hello, Harleywoman50: I wanted to tell you that I found “Harleywoman Writes” and am asking permission to use a photo I found there of the Civil Rights Memorial in Birmingham, Alabama. I believe that the photo is one you took, and I’d like to use it for a closed Facebook group of educators interested in Teaching and Learning and Social Justice (which is the name of the group).

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